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Tatort: Dreizehn

Tatort: Dreizehn

We composed the entire score for this 54 minute Tatort radioplay.

Contractor Reimann wants to buy and renovate houses on Tokioterstraße in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. There’s just one small problem: the community at number 13 refuses to sell. Tensions escalate and one night Reimann’s car is found burnt out…with a dead body in the trunk. Do the people at number 13 have something to do with this murder?

Our soundtrack reflects the Berlin squatting scene and is influenced by music of Einstuerzende Neubauten, Ton Steine Scherben and other 80′s German underground bands.

Tatort: Dreizehn is produced by ARD Radio Tatort and is a co-production of BR Bayern 2, HR2 Kultur, MDR Figaro, NDR Info, Nordwest Radio, RBB Kulturradio, SR2, SWR2 and WDR5.

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