Music is an important part of showcasing your image to your audience. the lime machine creates innovative original music with high production value. Check out some music examples we did for TV-Spots, Presentation Videos, Soundtracks, and many more.

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Sound Design

Games and TV Spots come to life with the addition of quality Sound Design. We create engaging sound spaces through carefully engineered sound effects and background sounds. Check out some Sound Design we made for Games, TV-Spots or Animation Videos.

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Voiceover Production

the lime machine can help you find the voice that most clearly communicates your brand to your audience. In our own studio, we are able to record and deliver broadcast-ready voiceovers in many languages. Above, you will find some different voiceover examples: Voiceovers for TV-Spots and Presentation Videos, Language Design for Games or Animation Videos, and Voiceovers for Announcement Systems or Telephone Services.